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Why leasing will benefit your Business

Whatever your industry and requirements, choosing to lease your equipment offers many benefits when compared to traditional methods of purchasing equipment.


This is why Businesses want to lease a variety of equipment, from lab instruments to office equipment. You name it, your business can lease it!

Why Businesses lease...

  • A lease is paid for during the equipment’s useful working life, rather than in advance. Meaning, it can start generating income from day one, paying for itself over the term of the lease.

  • The leasing programs lend themselves to hassle free upgrades! Those who pay cash are stuck with equipment which can become outdated, but when leasing, you can upgrade a product by terminating their current lease or rescheduling remaining rentals into the new agreement.

  • It’s a great way for businesses to account for, budget and pay for equipment. As an expense, lease rentals are tax deductible, meaning the actual cost can be offset in full against taxable profits.

How leasing can work for you...

So no matter what your business, if you're looking to upgrade any equipment,

think Premier and contact us today!


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