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From lease rental to lease purchase...
We offer a wide range of finance services to suit your business needs

Lease Rental - Finance a wide range of equipment costing from £1,000 upwards over an appropriate Fixed Term. Specifically designed for businesses that want the use of equipment and preserve working capital in a tax efficient manner.


Operating Leases  - We offer a true operating lease contract for Schools, Local authorities and NHS Trusts. As opposed to a standard finance lease, an operating lease enables the business to treat the lease rentals as a true revenue expense as opposed to a capital expense. We calculate a residual value into the payment structure and this is reflected directly into the rate offered to ensure that the agreement is fully compliant under the stated guidelines.

Sale and Leaseback - Release valuable working capital from owned assets refinanced on competitive interest rates to facilitate expansion or general company requirements on lease or repurchase plans.


Lease Purchase - Finance aimed at customers who want to own the equipment and have the benefit of showing it on their balance sheet as a fixed asset.


Software only financing - Finance software and services, and include such things as training and support costs.


Deferred payments -  A facility for public sector and corporate clients who want the flexibility and ability to use the equipment today and defer the first payment by up to six months or payments matched to term times.


Commercial mortgages - Long Term finance from your largest asset on competitive interest rates to facilitate expansion or underpin your company stability.


Invoice payments - Accelerate your invoice payments on a disclosed or non-disclosed basis to regain control of your Sales Ledger.


Bespoke - Bespoke and tailored solutions are available upon request and all enquiries are most welcome.


Alternative business finance solutions

Start Point Finance are Premier Leasing & Finance Ltd’s trusted partners, offering alternative business finance solutions including:


  • ​Invoice Finance & Factoring

  • ​Vehicle Contract Hire

  • ​Crowd Funded Loans

  • ​Commercial Mortgages


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