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Finance solutions for your business
Leasing not only gives your business more flexibility, but is also a great way to fund growth, without compromising your cashflow...

Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, entering into a lease agreement offers many benefits when compared to traditional methods of purchasing equipment, and Premier Leasing offers quick and easy access to the financing you need.



Leasing offers the flexibility businesses of all sizes need to finance their business requirements. This means that funding growth doesn’t have to come at a cost to other parts of your business and it won't have an adverse effect on your cash flow.



Tax Efficiency

As the example below shows, the tax benefits of leasing capital equipment can be enormous.


Leasing for capital equipment costing £10,000 over a 3 year period. (Assuming a corporation tax rate of 20%.)

 Year         Annual lease payment            Tax relief           Net Payment

  1                           £4028.00                                 £805.60                    £3222.40

  2                           £4028.00                                 £805.60                    £3222.40

  3                           £4028.00                                 £805.60                    £3222.40

  Total                      £12,084.00                              £2,416.80                 £9667.80

Discover the benefits of leasing for your business

  • ​Access new equipment when you need it, not when budgets allow.

  • ​Keep working capital in your business

  • ​Offset 100% of rental costs against your organisation's tax liability

  • ​Fixed and structured payments that fit in with your business plan

  • ​Upgrade equipment at any time during the lease period, or settle the agreement in full.

  • ​Protect existing lines of credit by using it as an alternative to your existing funding facilities.


As you can see from this example, providing that the same level of tax is paid each year, the net cost of leasing equipment

is actually £332.20 less than the original cost of the equipment once tax relief has been taken into account.

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