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6 reasons why you should be leasing equipment for your School...

State funded Schools and Academies are not allowed to borrow money. The only type of lease agreement that they have the power to sign is an Operating Lease.

Schools and Suppliers both struggle to understand the concept of an Operating Lease so may need some handholding.

6 reasons for choosing to lease for your school

1. The school will have access to brand new equipment in a way that reduces impact on budgets. This allows the school to spread out payments over a longer period of time, rather than having to buy expensive assets outright.

2. Smaller payments spread over a number of years, which allows you to retain full control of budgets.

3. As operating leasing allows you to obtain new equipment for the school, whether it’s IT, vending or even security equipment, it can also help to potentially raise your Ofsted rating.

4. Investing in new equipment, especially IT, will support parents in providing their children with the right tools to move into a highly skilled role in the future.

5. With a leasing agreement comes support from the asset finance company: advice, guidance and regular replacements of your equipment

6. Easy equipment upgrades so that your school never lags behind.

What equipment can be leased?

  • All IT equipment, including, tablets, PC’s, Laptops and secure storage containers for equipment

  • Minibuses

  • Catering equipment, including fridges, freezers and complete kitchen fit-out

  • Vending equipment, including snack machines, coffee machines and drinks machines

  • Project-based equipment, such as photography and science equipment

  • Anything else your school needs; We can finance!


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