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IT Soft cost Payment Plan

What you need to know:

The Premier Payment Plan is the ideal way to finance IT related soft costs, which alone wouldn’t be capable of being financed on lease or HP, for example:

  • Website / App development

  • Software subscription services (maintenance/upgrades)

  • Hosted / Cloud software licences

  • Software install/Training/ configuration where soft costs are over 50% of the project value

Payment Plan:

  • Available between 12 and 60 months

  • Deal sizes between £1,000 and £150,000

  • Non-CCA Regulated customers only

  • Payment Plan proceeds paid to either customer or supplier

  • Normal doc fee applies

  • Rates as per rate sheet for Lease plus 0.5%

  • Evidence of Payment Plan purpose is required, either an invoice, project plan or quote

  • Payment Plan proceeds could be advanced at commencement or part way through a project

Typical Scenario:

Customer requires financing of £15,000 of software licences, plus a further £35,000 relating to upfront delivered services, consultancy, install, data migration, project management, training.


1. 100% Payment Plan

Total £50,000 deal could be financed on a Payment Plan.

2. Split Deal

£15,000 licences financed on a Lease with the remaining £35,000 soft costs on a Payment Plan.


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