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How businesses can stay up to date with new equipment needs: Is finance for you?

If you’re a business wanting to upgrade any of your equipment, like your phone system, security CCTV system, office furniture, coffee and vending machine or anything else you can think of, then finance is for you!

If you’re a supplier of any equipment into businesses, then you can offer your Customer’s more flexibility and benefits with a finance option!

Who qualifies for leasing?

New start businesses, established business’s i.e. Sole traders, partnerships, Limited companies and PLC’s all qualify. We do look, however, for a trading record.

What does a lease agreement include?

All of the equipment, its ancillaries like training, cabling, installation, and implementation. We can also include the Maintenance payable directly to the supplier.

What if I want to change the equipment?

All of our leases have the flexibility built in to allow for the equipment to be changed at any time throughout the life of the agreement.

No matter what industry you are in, staying up to date with the latest equipment is vital to drive your business forward!


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