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Does June bring UK business growth?

Despite the perceived uncertainty surrounding the UK economy, there is a lot of positive news around at the moment.

The Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) is at its highest level for four months, breaking the 7,400 barrier. It has also been announced that unemployment is at a record low of 3.8% compared to an EU average of 6.5%. Many UK Businesses appear to be taking a positive outlook and this reflects in an increase in business levels for Premier Leasing and Finance during May, with us exceeding our volume targets.


Some notable deals written in May include:

  • A HP agreement of £52.5K for a large plant and machinery company

  • A new vehicle inspection pit on a finance lease for £33.3K for a vehicle body shop

  • A new MOT facility for a car repair centre for £32K

  • A grab lorry for a large UK plant and equipment company for £36K

  • An in-house vending solution for one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical companies for £97K

  • A site instillation for one of the UK’s major building merchants for £29K

Our growth continues into June, where we’ve already had an extremely strong start and our pipeline of acceptances indicates another successful month ahead.

As always we are proud to be associated as a major sponsor for Fairford Rugby Club, who have achieved phenomenal success in the last season, with them not only winning the league cup, but achieving promotion into Gloucestershire division 1.

We look forward to our continued sponsorship for Fairford Rugby Club into the new rugby season.

If you're looking to finance any equipment for your business, then contact us today to see how we can help.


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