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A Summer of success!

Despite Summer time normally being one of our quieter periods, we are very pleased that our August and September months were very successful for us!


There is obviously an increased appetite in business customers looking to finance their new capital equipment requirements. Just a snippet of some of our successful deals include:

  • An upgrade of brand new CCTV Systems for a local Education authority school.

  • A new £68,000 bottling and brewing facility for a major independent UK brewery.

  • A major vending equipment upgrade for £280,000 for one of the UK’s largest public transport companies.

We are very pleased to also say that our new Sales Executive Sophie Jones, who joined us in April is now making inroads into new market sectors and building new relationships within supplier channels.


Going forward, Mark Carney (Governor of the bank of England) has recently announced the likely-hood that interest rates may well rise in the not too distant future. If as a business you are now looking to purchase new capital equipment, whether it be IT, office equipment or hard assets such as cars and plant and machinery, now is the time to consider a finance option, prior to interest rates rising.

Our rates are fixed for the full term of the contract and if rates do rise, as predicted, this will not affect your pricing. Our rates remain highly competitive and generally no deposit is required, with all rentals being eligible for 100% tax relief.

For more information call 01635 873669.


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